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Academic Excellence Bursary

Textile Design A-Level at The Bedford Sixth Form 2021

Being academically excellent can be rewarding at The Bedford Sixth Form.

The purpose of the Scheme is to ensure our highest-performing students are not distracted by having to look for work to meet travel and other costs. Students who meet our eligibility requirements can apply straight away for a bursary of up to £4,000 over their two-year programme.

The bursary will be paid in 8 instalments over the two years based on the student meeting certain terms and conditions. Checks will be made prior to each payment to make sure the terms and conditions are being met.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. Attend at least 95% of all timetabled sessions
  2. Arrive punctually to at least 95% of timetabled sessions
  3. Maintain a clean disciplinary record
  4. Hand in all set work to deadlines
  5. Attend any activities / trips that The Bedford Sixth Form deems essential or necessary for the successful completion of the programme
  6. All work that is formally assessed must be of a standard that is at least equal to the target grade for that subject.

Please note: If you choose to apply for this bursary you will not be eligible to apply for any further financial support from other bursaries or financial support available.

Further Information


Eligibility:  You may qualify for up to a £4,000 bursary if you achieve five GCSE grade 7’s which must include English Language and Maths. You will need to study on one of our full-time A-Level / Diploma combination programmes and meet a range of terms and conditions throughout your two years of study. This bursary is not means tested and the potential £4,000 is paid over the two years.

How it works

We will check that you are meeting all of the terms and conditions of the bursary before each payment is made.

As long as all of the conditions are met, you will be paid up to £2,000 for each year of the course, up to a maximum of £4,000.  In each year of the two-year course, payments will be made up to 4 times at intervals beginning in the first term to the amount of £500.00 each.

The money will be paid directly into your bank account by BACS, so if you do not already have a bank account you will need to set one up.

How do I apply?

The Academic Excellence Bursary  should only be completed by students under 19 that hold five GCSE grades 9-7 including English Language and Maths. If you commence your course in September 2021 and are eligible, click here.

Anything else?

Within the bursary application portal, a declaration should be flagged to confirm that you will attend all lessons regularly and punctually, work hard towards your qualifications, complete all your assignments on time and behave in accordance with The Bedford Sixth Form code of conduct. Available to home fee status students only.