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The Library (LRC)


Student-focused study spaces

Your library is a unique student-focused environment, dedicated to giving you the time, space, resources and support you need to succeed in the way that works best for you.

Academic support

The library team understand that it can be daunting for students to step up to the next level of achievement, so we are very happy to help with any academic support you need. We will familiarise you with our systems, and can work with you to help you learn how to write academically, deliver dazzling presentations or understand the intricacies of referencing and citation.


Convenience for you

You are always welcome to drop in to the library and use a desk, a laptop or a PC when it is convenient for you. We can even help you plan your visit in advance by making computer bookings to fit your busy schedule.

If you need a little extra help to find that work/life balance, we can also support you with research, and give you time management tips so that you can ace those important assignments, hit those critical deadlines and impress your tutors!


Unique study spaces

Whether you need us to show you how to get the best from our wide range of books and online resources, or you just want a peaceful space where you can work independently or with friends, our library caters to a variety of needs and learning styles. We have quieter areas that will help you focus, and spaces where you can discuss assignments or even spread out and work collaboratively on projects.

Events and Competitions

Of course, we have more than just what you need to achieve the best results, we also stock a wide range of fiction books and we regularly hold competitions and events to make sure that your student experience is fun and interesting.

We are always interested in hearing what you want to read too and are happy to take book recommendations so that your library represents who you are and what interests you.