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Spanish A-Level The Bedford Sixth Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a written dress code and is it that strict?

There is a dress code but, compared to school uniform, it is very relaxed.

Can i change my subjects later?

You will only make your firm subject choices in discussion with one of our tutors during your enrolment interview. There will be the option to change your choice during the first few weeks but only if there is capacity and you meet the entry requirements.

Is it recommended that we have a laptop/iPad that we bring to lessons?

This is entirely up to you. If you bring a device, it is at your own risk. Many of our students do bring a device as it helps them keep and organise their notes.

What time does the school day start?

Morning registration is at 9am on most days.

Do you help us throughout the years

We would very much like to help and support our students – it’s what we are all about. If you don’t feel you are getting the help you need, please speak with your tutor.

What kind of pastries do they have at the cafe?

Typical sort of coffee shop fare.

If Bedford sixth form is not my first choice of sixth form, how do I let you know i won’t be coming in September?

You will receive an enrolment invitation soon. If you don’t want to enrol with us, that’s fine, just don’t book an appointment. If you do enrol with us but then change your mind during the first few days, please find someone to talk to as we’d like to understand why.

What are the mental health and support services available on the school?

We have a counsellor and a wellbeing practitioner. We have mental health emergency trained staff and we offer regular check-ins with pastoral mentors.

Can we take a subject that we have not taken in our GCSE at A-level?

Yes – so long as you meet the entry requirements. For example, you can take History and Geography without GCSEs in these subjects.

Can we change subjects?

Yes – during the first few weeks.

How many free periods do you have roughly

There are 30x 55 minute lesson slots across the week. You will have subject lessons for 15 of these as well as mentoring, enhancement and PSHE. The rest of the time, you will be free to self-manage your studies.

When will we be given our school emails? Will we be given timetables before term starts?

Your college account will be created shortly after your enrolment at the end of August. Hopefully it will be fully active when you start with us on 4th September.

Do you do gold DofE?

We are a licenced DofE centre, but have not run the programme recently. It is something that we may be able to support, but the expedition element would be through an approved third party provider.

What apps do the school use? When do we get student credentials?

We use Microsoft Office including MS Teams. We have various in-house apps, too, which you will be introduced to during the first week.

Is there a volleyball club

No, but volleyball is sometimes run as an enhancement activity and you may be able to set up a club.

Do we get to leave school during unnecessary hours

You are able to self-manage your study time as you see fit on or off site. We do, however, expect that you study for at least five hours per subject outside of class.

Are there any price changes for buses?

We can’t comment on the local bus providers. Please do check availability and prices of busses before you enrol with us.

What food options are available?

We have a small coffee shop offering sandwiches, cakes and some hot food.

Are there any easy methods to remember directions?

No – but you will have a map and you quickly get to know the routes to the classes that you have.

What is the nearest train station

Bedford Railway Station – about 10 minutes’ walk from our site.

Is ancient history still going ahead?

Ancient History is still running. If you didn’t get your preferred choice for the Welcome Day, it was only because of the limitation on the day itself.

How long is lunch?

There is a morning break of 15 minutes and a lunch break of 45 minutes.

If I did foundation maths and got a 5 is there any way I could do Economics

Our entry requirements are set up to protect you from choosing subjects that are likely put you at risk of failing. For this reason, we don’t normally take students on to subjects that they don’t fully meet the requirements for.

I am not here for the enrolment days in august and i wondered how else i would be able to enrol for September

Our enrolment days are Friday 25th and Tuesday 29th August. If you are not able to make either of these days, there will be some limited opportunities for an alternative appointment. See the details in the enrolment invitation letter coming soon.

How long is a normal day at Sixth Form roughly?

Typically you’ll start at 9am and, on a full day, finish lessons at 3:45pm.

If I wanted to change one of my subjects how would I do that?

You can choose new subjects at enrolment and, if one of these isn’t working out, you will be able to request a change during the first few weeks.