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POV: Student

Geography A-Level at The Bedford Sixth Form 2021

Welcome to POV: Student

Who are we?

We are simply a group of students aspiring to build and engage a news platform for The Bedford Sixth Form.

Our purpose

Whilst being a prime opportunity for students to practice journalism skills we also aim to provide helpful and important school news/information by students for students. Our promise to you is fair and unbiased coverage on a variety of topics revolving around students, hence the name ‘POV: Student’ as we are a community.

Want to get involved?

We are an enhancement choice that you can pick and become a part of our amazing team from article writers to researchers to even photographers, but most importantly you can be a reader!

To keep updated with school events or to find Inspiration on revision techniques there isn’t a better place to go that POV: student.


Please note* Any article displayed is from the perspective of our student newspaper and may not be reflective of the views from The Bedford Sixth Form.

To view official news from The Bedford Sixth Form, please use the link below.

The Bedford Sixth Form news