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Parents Guide

The Bedford Sixth Form Grand Hall

At The Bedford Sixth Form we realise that parents and guardians play a very important part in our students’ success.

You’re there to help guide them in the decisions they make, and support them throughout their studies. To help with this process, some of the answers to key questions parents have asked us are listed below…

Life at The Bedford Sixth Form


The Bedford Sixth Form is located on Bromham Road, right at the heart of Bedford town centre. There are excellent public transport links, covering our Bedford Borough catchment area and further afield. 16 local towns and villages are served by the main train line into Bedford – and the station is just a ten-minute walk from the Sixth Form. Over 20 bus routes cover Bedford, Luton and the wider local area, terminating just a two-minute walk away.

Please note that there is no parking available for students with cars at The Bedford Sixth Form but space is available for bikes and mopeds.

At The Bedford Sixth Form we are offering some of our full-time students a travel bursary. Find out more and see if they qualify.


Aside from external exams, students will have regular assessment through the year, which will be marked against examination board standards and returned with written feedback on strengths and guidance on how to improve. All A-Level students will have a mock week where they will be expected to attend all exams. They will also have individual meetings with subject teachers, at least once per term, to discuss progress in light of the formal assessments, and to focus on how standards can be further raised.

School meals

Packed lunches can be consumed in the students’ area called the Hub.

If your son or daughter received free meals at school, they may be able to continue to receive free meals at The Bedford Sixth Form if they are aged 16-18, and you have a household income of £16,190 or less and are in receipt of specified benefits.

Enrichment activities

Sixth form is not just about studying – your son or daughter will have the chance to get involved in lots of events and clubs outside of lessons. The programme changes each year but in our current year it’s included book club, chess, Philosophy in film, debating club, Table-tennis club, Karate …

Students will also have the opportunity to be involved with the local community and fundraising. Activities take place at lunchtimes or at the end of the day.

Your son or daughter may also be interested in becoming a Student Ambassador. Student Ambassadors help out at events and fairs during themed weeks, take tours at Open Days and take part in focus groups to make an impact on how the Sixth Form operates.

Find out more about enrichment.

Guidance on private study

Subject teachers will regularly set work for independent private study, which should be completed in free study periods or at home. Students are expected to spend at least one hour extra for every lesson taught. Students are welcome to study at home, or if they wish to stay on site, they can use the study spaces in the Grand Hall and the Learning Resources Centre. We have many facilities on-site for students to access, such as computers and other e-learning resources.

Additional course costs

If your son or daughter is aged 16-18 our courses are free for them to study. They will, however, be required to buy course related textbooks, pay towards trips and visits and, for a few courses, purchase specialist equipment. Their student ID card can be topped-up with credit to use for the photocopier in the Learning Resources Centre.

Dress code

There is no uniform for students at The Bedford Sixth Form, however they are expected to be dressed appropriately at all times. Students are asked to not wear anything which may cause offense to others in terms of logos or quotes, or wear anything which exposes too much flesh i.e. the midriff. Inappropriate dress would not be tolerated in the work place and we would like to prepare our students to meet the expectations of prospective employers by adopting this ethos at all times. The same dress code applies when students are out on a work placement.

Parent/tutor communication

We are committed to communicating your son or daughter’s progress with you. You will be invited in for a parents’ evening where teachers and personal tutors will be able to discuss your son or daughter’s progress with you. This is both an opportunity to celebrate success and identify any causes for concern. You will also receive a written report from subject teachers.

Code of conduct

The Bedford Sixth Form has a code of conduct which sets standards of behaviour so that all students know what is expected of them, from respect, attendance and punctuality, to safety, consideration of others and hard work. The code of conduct is printed in our student handbook available on our downloads page.


We have Anti-bullying, Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity and Student Involvement policies in place to ensure that your son or daughter can study with us in a safe and secure environment. Our policies are available to read in full on our downloads page.

Student support

Academic Mentor

All students will benefit from their own academic mentor who you will meet Monday to Thursday to register with at 9am. Plus one lesson a week academic mentoring session, where we will work with our students to ensure they reach their target grade in their subjects

Pastoral Mentor

Students will be assigned a professionally trained Pastoral Mentor when they start their course who will give them one-on-one support throughout their time with us. Our Pastoral mentor will help our students with any pastoral issues that may affect their ability to obtain their target grades such as mental or physical health issues.

Subject teachers

For help with subject-related questions and queries, subject teachers will always be on hand to help. If your son or daughter wishes to meet with them outside of lesson times, appointments should be made in advance.

Additional support team

We understand that learning difficulties such as dyslexia bring their own particular demands when studying. This team can help your son or daughter develop specific skills, provide specialist equipment they may need to complete work, make special arrangements for taking exams, and provide support in accessing facilities.

Financial support

Courses at The Bedford Sixth Form are free to study for 16-18 year olds, however our student finance team are there to provide practical advice on student bursaries, travel costs, higher education funding, grants and much more. We also have a range of financial support packages available to help with essential costs, such as equipment, books or clothing, as well as bursaries for vulnerable students or those in severe financial hardship. Contact our Student Finance Advisers on: 01234 291444

Careers advice

Our careers advisers can provide impartial advice and guidance on everything from education, training and work prospects to support with UCAS applications, CVs and interview preparation. Contact our Careers Advisers on: 01234 291444

Personal counsellor

A counsellor is available to help if personal difficulties are getting in the way of your son or daughter’s studies. We provide quiet spaces where they can talk through their problems with a counsellor, and work towards making them easier to handle. Contact our Counsellor on: 01234 291444

Useful Contacts


01234 291291

Student Services

01234 291444

Absence Hotline

01234 291741

Learning Resources Centre

01234 291230