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Student council plan to provide prom

The Bedford Sixth Form Campus
Story by: Sophie Stapley

The Bedford Sixth Form student council plan to hold a prom for second year students after the exam period.

Plans of details such as location and theme are under wraps until vital planning and permission are complete. Their aim is to give those who are completing their time at tbsf an opportunity for celebration along with those that they shared the journey with before parting for their next steps.

Student council leads Archie and David have assigned a separate prom committee who have been designated with the role of planning and promoting the prom.

Students have expressed their gratitude for the news of this event as many upper schools could not have a prom due to covid restrictions. One student commented, “it’s a final goodbye” as their reason for wanting the event, with another adding that they would also attended “if there is alcohol” 

But some students do not see the need for a prom as they had one after their GCSE exams and said that it is “too much effort” debating the question if a prom the best idea for all students. While another student stated that they see a prom as an “extra day of being in sixth form” and their eagerness to move on to their next steps.

Some students asked if it would be allowed for external people to attend such as significant others, as well as wondering how and when they will receive news of the possibility of the prom, despite the length of time until the event may be held.

Future information about the plans for prom are much expected as the prom committee led by Vimbai explained that they need more people to contribute their ideas and help by joining the prom committee so that those who do want a prom can get the one they desire.

For more information on joining the prom committee email: 

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