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The Move to University: What am I in for?


By Conner Keys

Year 13… The last year of mandatory education. What comes next?

Does the world implode? Does it cease to exist?

There are many options to explore once you’ve finished sixth form/college; one of said options being university.

 What does university really entail though? Aside from academic settings and a caffeine drip, what is it important for you to know? Although the end of the school year is a while away, we have taken the liberty of finding out for you in hopes that the information below will be of at least some use to you!


Moving to a new place, surrounded by new people can, understandably, be a daunting event. Having to find you feet as well as ‘your people’ after spending a few years with the same people everyday can cause waves of anxiety and doubt. So here’s what you need to remember to do:

Make friends on freshers’ week

Try to push yourself to go out during freshers week to get to know people; starting university can be somewhat lonely as well as socially isolating (especially if you find it hard to talk to new people).

Join social groups

Another suggestion from a previous university student is to join all the social media groups that surround your bubble within the university, these could include online groups for people who take the same course or those in your accommodation. It will help you remember names and faces and become more comfortable with new people.

Know that everyone is in the same boat as you!

The chances are, most people around you are also anxiously waiting for someone else to make the first move in starting a conversation. Don’t be afraid to be the one who makes the first move!


Various university students explained that the importance of independence is a massive part of preparing for university. Not only will you have to be more independent with your studies, you will also have to learn to live and survive independently.

A few musts are:
  • Create a weekly budget and stick to it!!
  • Learn to cook somewhat decent meals
  • Learn how to do your own washing
  • Buy your alcohol in bulk from a cheap shop so you don’t have to buy it on a night out!

Even if university isn’t your next step, remember to prepare to be more independent, save your money and be money savvy; put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to ask for help (whether that’s socially or academically).

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