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Support for students aged over 19


Here’s a review of the financial help we can offer you as a student of The Bedford Sixth Form if you’re aged 19 or over…

Types of Support

The Bedford College Group offers a range of financial support schemes for students aged 19 or over on 31 August 2024 studying on either an EFSA or advanced Learner Loans funded course. Students aged 19 on the second year of a two – year study programme need to apply to the 16 – 19 bursaries.

Our adult support fund is for course-related costs and is dependent on a household income of £45,000 or less.

The bursary offers support in the following areas:

  • Additional Learning Support
  • Tuition, Exams and Professional Fees
  • Childcare
  • Course Costs
  • Discretionary Hardship
  • Meals
  • Travel
  • Loan Equipment
Additional learning support

We offer up to £250 towards any learning support requirements for students who have indicated a form of learning difficulty or disability. Access to this support will be through the Additional Support Team who can be reached on 01234 291905.

Tuition, Exams and Professional Fees

This is available to students who have been assessed as co-funded only. Please speak to an Adviser for more details on eligibility.

Childcare Bursary

Childcare funding is only available for students 20+ to pay a contribution towards the cost of a registered childminder, nursery or pre/after school club. The childcare provider must be OFSTED registered.

The Childcare Bursary will be paid in 10 monthly instalments starting from October 2023; these payments will be made in arrears once we have confirmation of students attendance.

If you are eligible for 2,3 and 4 year old funding, childcare will only be supported where the students timetable exceeds the number of government funded hours.

More information can be found at

The Total award for all categories is limited to a maximum of 80% of the income the College receives towards your tuition fees.

Course Costs Bursary

Students may receive a discretionary bursary to help with up to 75% of the costs of essential course items such as books, equipment and trips, subject to a household income of £42,500 or less.

Where the essential course items is provided by the Bedford College Group the award will be transferred internally to the departments and the student will be expected to pay the difference. This is not available to students on the second year of a two-year course unless essential costs are specified for the second year.

Discretionary Hardship

If you are experiencing a sudden change of circumstances which places you in hardship; please speak to your tutor or a member of the Student Services Team.

Meals Bursary

If you qualify for the Adult Support Bursary the College will award you a meals bursary on the days that you are timetabled to be in College.


Travel Bursary

The Travel Bursary is a means tested bursary of up to £630 or £720 per annum for students on EFSA funded courses who:

  • Live more than three miles walking distance from the campus they will be studying at
  • Have an annual household income of £45,000 or less
  • Are not eligible for financial support for travel from their Local Authority.

Please Note: We are unable to pay parking costs and will only support travel costs during term time. The amount you will be awarded will be based on the distance you live from your prime study location.

Loan Equipment

The College operates a loan laptop scheme for students who have difficulty engaging with remote education at home (for example due to a lack of devices or quiet space to study) The laptop remains the property of the college and must be returned when the student completes their study programme

Further information

Applications for Course Costs, Travel and Vulnerable Learner Bursaries are considered a priority and are normally processed first.

If you have previously been the recipient of the Vulnerable Learner Bursary or have experienced an unexpected change of circumstances, please drop into Student Services or speak to your personal Achievement Tutor to see if there is any financial support available to you in finishing your studies.


2022/23 Financial Support Applications

After you’ve answered the questions in our eligibility checker, if you qualify you will then be able to start your application. You will be required to upload evidence to prove your eligibility so please have this to hand. You will also be able to save your work and come back to complete your application at a later time.

Launch eligibility checker