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Keeping sane waiting for results

By Conner Keys

Everyone know the worst part of exams isn’t the actual exam; it’s the build up and the wait afterwards. The time building up to exams can be filled with revision and timetables, but what do you do when the exam is over and you’re waiting for your results? Do you sit around wallowing in anxiety? Do you start drowning in the nothingness of post-exams? No… well… you might… but here are some tips and tricks from teachers to help keep your sanity when you’re waiting for your results.

Top tips

Put a time limit on your freak-outs

English teacher, Anna krukowska, believes putting a time frame on your stressing is highly beneficial. She says to tell yourself, ‘For the next 20 minutes I am going to worry about my results and possible situations then once that 20 minutes is up I will cook dinner or another distraction’. Anna also states that sports and exercise is a helpful distraction.

Talk to others in similar situations

‘I also found during my own A-Levels that talking to students in similar predicaments helped’ – Abbey Kemp, Teacher of Psychology. Talking to others is always a good thing to do; it allows you to rant and rave to someone who will understand and empathise with what you’re feeling. Who knows, they may give you more personalised tips to help with exactly what you’re feeling.

As a small contrast to this, Ryan George, Teacher of Biology, says, ‘try not to discuss what answers you put with others. If someone did get the same answer as you, there’s no guarantee that means it’s correct; and if they didn’t get the same as you, that could make you feel more anxious.’

Explore New Interests

Emily Pearce, Teacher of English, advises, ‘Having time after the exam season is a blessing; you have time to ‘move on’ and enjoy your new-found free time. Make the most of time spent doing the things you enjoy.’ You have, what feels like, all the time in the world… use it to try something new or relight an old passion!

Take Care of yourself

Get a good nights sleep. Drink plenty of water. Complete regular exercise (even if that’s just going on a walk). The most important thing when awaiting exam results, and just in general to be honest, is looking after yourself physically and mentally. Give yourself a pamper night. Watch your favourite movie or read your favourite book. This is a cycle you need to watch out for: If your mind is stressed your body will be stressed, if your body is stressed your mind will be stressed.


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