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How to pick the right university course for you!

Library at The Bedford Sixth Form 2021

Strory by: Sophie Stapley

Whether you are yet to pick a university course or you’re beginning to think about which offers to accept, it is crucial to not take the decision lightly.

For the course you pick will shape your entire future! So it is important to pick the one that is the best fit for you.

Visit the campus

Whether it’s an open day or a private tour it is important to visit the campus as it will be where you live, eat and breathe for the duration of your course. Student satisfaction rates are very important for ensuring good grades and making the most out of your higher education and there is no way to experience what it will be like unless you are there.

Research your subject

Using reliable sites such as the guardian or other university ranking sites, you can decide which universities are the best rated. Reading up on the university’s website is also very important, looking at both compulsory and optional modules will help you to decide if it will help you on your path to your dream career.

Don’t rely on grades

Believe in yourself! If you put in the work, there is no limit to your ability. Don’t limit yourself to lower grade courses because you’re worried of not achieving the higher ones, aim big but be reasonable. There are first and second choices for a reason, your first should be your goal and where you really want to go and then your second is just a backup in case the worst should happen.

Talk to current or past students

At open days or online you can talk to students about the courses and their experiences, this will give you an alternative opinion and maybe some extra insight into how to benefits from the course individually ready for your future.

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