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Frequently Asked Questions

If I report something with details, will the College launch an investigation, formal complaint or tell the police? 


Letting us know what happened via the Report and Support tool does not trigger any type of formal reporting process. The only reason that the College would ever take any action that is outside of your full control is:  

  • If your life or the lives of others is at risk. Examples of this would be if a report states that someone has plans to complete suicide, has plans to self-harm to an extent that endangers their life or if a report contains threats to other people’s lives.  
  • If the reporter is under 18.  

Submitting a report with details is a means of accessing your own personal advisor, and bespoke support. It is not a tool for triggering formal complaints procedures.  

How much information do I need to submit in my report?

This is entirely up to you. However there are a few key things to consider:  

  • If you are submitting an anonymous report– then detail is key, Particularly if you have requested for action to be taken if possible. Due to the limiting nature of anonymous reports, and our inability to contact the reporting party, it is vital that anonymous reports contain as much detail as possible to help support a potential investigation.  
  • If you are submitting a report with details then you do not need to submit as much detail, and you can in fact let us know that reliving your experience through the text-box is too much for you. As long as we know what type of harassment you are reporting, and you have provided the correct contact details, then the most relevant advisor can get in touch.  
What can my Personal Tutor or Student advisor support me with? 

If you report with details, a Student advisor will be in contact within 2 College Working Days. A Student advisor, or your Personal Tutor can:  

  • Outline both your reporting and support options, in order to help empower you to make an informed decision on your next steps. A Student advisor or Personal Tutor will not force you to report anything, and your conversations remain confidential.  
  • Fully outline both the informal and formal resolution processes- letting you know about anticipated timelines and potential outcomes.  
  • Remain your single point of contact if you wish, between yourself and College staff. This is to help minimise repetition of disclosure.  
  • Act as your supporting party in investigation interviews, disciplinary committees, mitigation committees and appeals if you wish. 
  • Your Personal Tutor can help you to prepare supporting statements and the collection of evidence.   
  • Your Personal Tutor can help to arrange mediation or informal resolutions.  
  • Your Personal Tutor can arrange and accompany you to meetings with College staff 
  • Your Personal Tutor can help support you in submitting evidence for Mitigating Circumstances or extensions.  
  • Your Personal Tutor, or student advisor can signpost you to relevant support services, both internal and external depending on your needs.  
  • Your Personal Tutor, or student advisor can support you with any housing, financial or society/sports club related concerns.  
  • Ensure that you are kept up to date with the progression of your potential case. 
  • Answer any questions, big or small about both your reporting and support options.  
Are anonymous reports, with no action taken, actually helpful in identifying trends?

Definitely. Anonymous reporting, even with no action taken, is incredibly useful for informing targeted proactive education and awareness raising.