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A-Level results

Thursday 16 August 2018

The Bedford Sixth Form is celebrating the “only way is UP” with A-Level results this year.

Overall pass rates up, grades up and 25 out of 29 subjects 100% pass rate at The Bedford Sixth Form – with students seizing places at sought after Russell Group universities.


Peter Mason, aged 18, of Shefford near Biggleswade got an A Grade in Maths, A in Physics and B in Computer Science to secure a place at Russell Group (RG) Nottingham University to student Computer Science A former student of Hartlington Upper, Peter like the grown up study environment of The Bedford Sixth Form.

Lia Forde, 18, of Houghton Conquest got A Star Psychology, A Biology and B in English Language/Literature to secure a place at RG Nottingham on a Masters course in Neuro Science. She hopes to research into Alzheimers disease. A former Bedford Girls’ School pupil, Lia was joined at The Bedford Sixth Form results morning by her mum Fiona (a former pupil of The Bedford Girls’ High School which formerly occupied the Sixth Form building). 

Said Mum Fiona: “We thought The Bedford Sixth Form offered a more academic focus for Lia”.

Jennifer Ollett, 18, from St Neots, gained As in Computer Science and Maths and B in Physics. She is off to RG Sheffield to study Computer Science. “I liked the more mature environment here.”

Elizabeth Jessica

Elizabeth Sullivan-Walker, 18, of Kempston, got A Star Photography, and As in Sociology and History and is off to RG Exeter to study Sociology.

Jessica Gray, 18, of Renhold gained an A Star in Film, and As in Communications & Culture and in Drama. She is going to work her way around Europe to gain some real life experience.

Joshua Haller, 18,  of Bedford: A Star in Photography, A in Film and B in French – he is now off to the prestigious Ravensbourne University in London to study film-making. 

Linguist Dan Sandford, 18, of Bedford: Bs in French and German and he is off to Portsmouth University to study languages. 

Elisabetta Dan Patricia Joshua

Group Photo: Joshua and Dan joined Elisabetta D’Alessandro and Patricia Xavier in a celebratory line up at TBSF of French A Level students. J’adore The Bedford Sixth Form.

A Degree Apprenticeship in Software Design with Vodaphone awaits Kyran Masters, 18, of Luton who gained A Star in Psychology, A Computer Science and B in Chemistry. Kyran beat 20-somethings in a gruelling series of interviews and tests whilst studying at The Bedford Sixth Form.

If you would like to know more about securing your future place on top courses with your GCSE results then join the The Bedford Sixth Form Advice Day on 23 August at Bromham Road, Bedford.

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