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A-Level Results Day

Thursday 17 August 2017


Dominik Skreta, of Bedford achieved 3 Grade A Stars and is off to a great apprentice career start with international accountants EY. Aged 18, he arrived in UK from Poland 5 years ago and includes English among his star passes. He gained top grades in History, Business Studies and English Language & Literature. Earlier he passed his A-Level in Polish and AS in Government & Politics.


Chris Howes, 18, with Grade A Star English, A Politics & A Drama is applying to RAF intelligence service. He enjoyed the ability to study independently.

Rajbir Dhot, 18, of Great Denham is off to Warwick Uni to do Maths & Operational Research. He says The Bedford Sixth Form was a great rehearsal for university. 2 Grade A Stars and 1 A grade secured him this place on this great course which is a gateway to high finance careers. Raj like the teaching and the library facilities at The Bedford Sixth Form. “You can be self led in your studies if you prove you can keep up with the pace, which is a great preparation for university.”


Elizabeth Woolmer, 18, of Colmworth, Keysoe, is off to Oxford Brookes to study architecture. She had B passes in Art and Photography and a Distinction Star in her CambTEC Business course.

Mum and student

Abbi Batten, 18, of Kempston (with mum Liz) is now off to Worcester Uni to study a combined Hons Degree in English Literature and Fine Art after gaining good grades in her A-Levels and a IT BTEC Distinction.


Chloe Callow, 18 of Bedford, followed in the footsteps of her sister Courtney in joining The Bedford Sixth Form. Chloe won a place at the University of East Anglia to study Biology. Her sister is already at Oxford Brookes. 

Ian Pryce CBE, CEO of The Bedford College Group praised staff and students:

“The Bedford College Group has been created to raise educational standards across our region. 

“The Bedford Sixth Form is a key part of the Group. Our students have never worked harder, and our staff under new Head Paul Clarkson have never performed better. The exceptional increase in our results this year - higher grades and higher pass rates - at a time of so much A-Level reform, shows the benefit of choosing a specialist A-Level environment if you are serious about your studies.”

A*- B 39%, up 6% on 15/16

A*- C 71%, up 7% on 15/16

A* - E 97.4% up 2.4% on 15/16

Point score is 29.33 [C] up half a grade from 24.67 [D+] in 15/16

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