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Mock trial competition

Monday 28 November 2016

On Tuesday 1 November 18 students from The Bedford Sixth Form took part in the annual ‘Mock Trial’ competition hosted by the Bedford Magistrates’ Association at Bedford Magistrates Court.

The students faced fierce competition from Luton Sixth Form and Bedford Modern School (BMS) but after a full day of activities they proudly took second place against BMS. On the day the students had the opportunity to meet Barristers, members of the Police Force, Solicitors and Court Personnel and discovered all about the workings of a court and ways in which to present arguments.

At the start of the day the students were able to watch a demonstration of how a court appearance might play out. They were then put in to groups and had the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from the professionals. There were three different offences that the students had to act out; assault, criminal damage and a driving offence. During the tasks the students planned their prosecution/defence and then took the part of prosecution and defence barristers, defendants, witnesses, magistrates, legal advisors and court ushers.

The judges commended all the teams for their hard work and awarded Bedford Sixth Form student Veronica Pole Best Magistrate.

Sabba Anjum, Year 1 Law Course Manager at The Bedford Sixth Form, commented: “The students really enjoyed the day and it was a fantastic learning experience for them. They were a little disappointed with the result as they put in a great effort but gained a lot from the day and we hope to take part again.”

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