Foundation Education

The Foundation Skills Programme (FSP) is aimed at young people with identified learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

The programme aims to develop your independence skills and help you to progress within a supported environment. You will take part in a range of subjects, which will include independent living skills, work preparation, community skills, English and maths

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Why choose us?

Excellent resources
The programme is housed within our dedicated centre, the Stansfeld Building, which was opened in September 2015. The building provides a bright and welcoming environment. Alongside good sized classrooms there is an independent living flat and kitchen, which support the development of independence skills.

Staff and support
Students are taught in a small group setting (of up to 12 students) by a team of specialist teaching and support staff. 

Supported work experience
You will get plenty of opportunities to apply the skills that you have developed while studying outside of the classroom with supported work experience placements. We have developed successful partnerships with over 40 local employers, who offer both voluntary and paid employment opportunities. You will be supported by a dedicated Employment Team.

Tailored arrangements
Special examination requirements will be arranged for you if necessary and we have dyslexia, hearing and visual support specialists to make your learning easier. All of our learning materials has been adapted and is displayed to suit the needs of our students.

Trips and visits to complement your studies
You will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of trips and learning activities; previously, students have gone on team building exercises at Shuttleworth College and Milton Keynes as well as trips to London and local community venues. These trips will build your confidence, self esteem and develop your teamwork skills ready for the world of work.

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Our daughter has really benefited from her time on the Foundation Skills Programme. She has matured and developed a range of skills for living. The department staff have been really good at tailoring the programme to ensure that each student reaches their full potential.

Mrs and Mrs B

My son has been on the Foundation Skills Programme for the last couple of years. In this time I have not only seen a big change academically but socially as well. Not only I have, but my family and friends have also seen the positive impact the department has had on him. The change in him has been amazing and it is such a shame his course is coming to an end this year. I would like to take the time to thank all of the staff and support staff for all of their help and support.

Mrs W

My daughter is now in her second year at Bedford College and I can honestly say that due to all of the help and support that she has received on the FSP course, it has completely changed her life. When my daughter first started she had been out of school for 18 months due to not being able to cope with the bullying from the children and teachers at her previous school. She would not go anywhere without being by my side and even then I would not go anywhere with too many people. She is now walking around town with her friends, she also catches the bus into Bedford on her own and she has even made trips to central Milton Keynes with a friend on the bus. She now has many friends and she enjoys socializing and loves helping others to make friends. The prom last year was a great success for all of the pupils that I spoke to and she had a great time helping to organize it to make it a successful night. Eighteen months ago, she would not have even walked past a building with lots of people near it, let alone go in and enjoy herself. She has also taken her maths exam and has passed it and is currently in the middle of her English exams getting lots of lovely feedback from her tutors. I would like all staff members within the Stansfield building to know how thankful I am for all of their help. I would never have thought my daughter could be the confident young lady she has become.

Mrs H