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As a florist you will use a variety of flowers and different types of medium to create formal displays for special occasions, such as weddings, marquees, corporate events and exhibitions.

Whether you wish to change career and become a professional florist, learn a new skill for pleasure, or add a creative touch to a special occasion, our courses will enable you to learn how to create beautiful designs.

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Why choose us?

Develop creative & business skills

You will use a diverse range of artistic skills and materials to create inspirational and emotive floral designs. We will also teach you the business skills needed to be successful in the floral industry.

The floristry industry comprises many different types of business but the majority are small and medium sized companies. Creative roles in this industry include design and floristry creation, but key roles also exist in retailing and delivery. We can help you to be successful and give you the training you need to develop the artistic and business skills needed.

The Floristry staff at Shuttleworth pride themselves on keeping up to date with new trends including the use of European and modern design methods and often demonstrate their own creative flair in national competitions and events.

Student success

Hello Flower

Claire McGoldrick opened “Hello Flower” in Arlesey in March, offering a personal floristry service to customers who want to celebrate special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, or simply pop in to buy flowers. The idea is to delight customers and Claire is determined to do just that.

Floristry careers

» Florist

Florists use creativity and knowledge of plants and flowers to design and assemble floral displays. These can be sold through shops and other retail outlets to be sold to the general public, businesses, event organisers etc.

Salary £9,500-£30,000. Depending on experience and qualifications.

» Floristry Shop Manager

A Floristry Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the floristry shop or department. The Manager may or may not have floristry skills. You will help customers choose products in store, handle the business finances and plan the sales and marketing of the business.

Salary £9,500-£30,000. Depending on experience and qualifications.

» Wedding & Events Florist

You will need to have high level floristry expertise, fantastic organisational skills and an eye for design and fashion trends. This is often self-employed so you may need some business knowledge and good communication skills to consult with clients and venues, and be able to work under pressure to meet deadlines. A rewarding career helping clients realise their dreams.

Salary £15,000-£30,000. Depending on experience and qualifications.

» Wholesale Florist

The wholesale florist needs to have creativity and business skills. You will be selling to retailers and so need to know how to display your products on a large scale. Although similar to the role of a florist there are more business skills needed such as accounting.

Salary £19,000-£30,000 starting salary. Depending on experience and qualifications.