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If you have a keen interest in the growing of crops or farm animals, then you could join the one million people already working in the agricultural sector.

Your work is likely to change with the seasons, and you will have to be prepared to work in all weather conditions and with modern technology-based equipment, but if you are physically fit, have excellent practical and communication skills and thrive on variety, then you'll be a great success working in this industry.

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Why choose us?

Natural resources in abundance
We are privileged that Shuttleworth College is situated in a large conservation area containing grassland, moorland, heathland, woodland and wetland giving you a diverse range of real life working environments to gain experience in.

The future
Agriculture enables you to study the science, art and business of cultivating soil, crops and livestock – everything you need for a successful career in modern day farming.

It’s not all about being happy working outdoors or being comfortable with animals, either. This is a sector with jobs available at almost every level – and one that will teach you that having great management skills doesn’t mean you have to sit behind a desk all day. If you have the drive and the qualifications, you could end up running your own farming business, or working in an agriculture related industry such as a machinery dealership or an agricultural supply company.

The practical work is supported in the classroom, with workshops and lectures, where our highly experienced College staff will share their industry knowledge and teach you about agricultural practices and modern businesses. Studying Agriculture at Shuttleworth is truly the best way to acquire all the practical and management skills you will need to have a great career in this sector.

Specialist equipment & facilities
The Shuttleworth estate is an ideal environment for you to work in. The College farm, lakes and gardens help to make Land & Environment one of the largest classrooms on the campus. Whichever area you choose to specialise in you will have access and training to use the latest modern technology and equipment – from tractors, pesticides applicators and crop sprayers to chain saws and grinders.

If you’re a full-time student you will work on the 98 hectares of land retained exclusively for student work, where the College farm becomes the biggest – and busiest – classroom on campus! As part of your course you will gain work experience on your placement farm. You will carry out livestock management and practical exercises, cultivation, drilling, and haymaking, as well as participating in agricultural activities that reflect local farming practice.

Student destinations

In 2018 our Land and Environment students progressed on to universities such as, Durham University, Harper Adams University and Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester.

Source: Bedford College FE Student Destinations 2018

Agriculture careers

» Farm Manager

Farm Managers raise crops, plan strategies for maximum yield, organise farm administration, work machinery, organise associated businesses and manage staff. In mixed farms they may also tend animals. They need to have technical and practical competence coupled with the ability to make sound business decisions. Farm Managers may be provided with benefits like rent-free accommodation and a vehicle, farm produce and a pension scheme.

Salary £20,000-£50,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

» Machinery Operator

An Agricultural Machinery Operator is involved with operating any machinery required to grow and harvest crops, cereals or vegetables as well as the operation of any other agricultural machinery. This may require long working hours. Many farm workers may be given free or low rent accommodation or lodging allowance.

Salary £14,986-£30,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

» Researcher

Agricultural research is a wide term which has to deal with the research in different aspects of agriculture like study of plants, animals, pests and their control, use of insecticides, genetically-modified seeds, crop production method, breeding of livestock, irrigation methods etc.

Salary £30,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

» Sales Person

As a sales person you will sell the products and services helpful to farmers related to farming and agriculture; this may include selling farm equipment, machinery, animal feeds, dairy, poultry supplies etc. This job is like any other sales job, but here the target is usually the rural sector and thus the sales strategy must be formulated accordingly to the field.

Salary £16,000-£25,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

» Stockman

A Stockperson is responsible for the livestock on a farm. This will include ensuring they are fed, watered and looked after to meet health and welfare requirements as well as growth targets. This may also have some responsibility for staff working on the farm.

Salary £16,000-£25,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

Meet our staff



My role: Lecturer

I teach: Livestock (Agriculture) to full-time Advanced Level students and apprentices

About me: I have a degree in biology and grew up on a large beef farm and sheep unit. I strive to combine my practical experience with my scientific training. I was previously an agricultural consultant where I worked with farmers on sustainable farming approaches and environmental stewardship planning and implementation. 


My role: Lecturer and Assessor

I teach: Horticultural (including RHS), Agricultural and First Aid programmes to full-time students, part-time students and apprentices

About me: I am a chartered horticulturalist with a degree in Business Studies and a Master’s degree in Historic Landscapes. Among the practical aspects I also teach design and business units. In addition I teach First Aid programmes for use in the workplace and assess all horticultural units for our apprentices.  


My role: Lecturer and Assessor

I teach: Horticulture (including RHS) and Agriculture programmes to both full and part time students and apprentices.

About me: I am a career horticulturalist with a degree in Landscape and Amenity Horticulture and a Diploma in Botanical Horticulture from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. I teach both practical and theory aspects of courses including plant science. I also assess horticultural apprentices both at college and in their places of work.

Agriculture courses