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A-Levels & Diplomas

You can pick and choose from our wide range of A-Levels and diplomas to ensure you achieve the best qualifications to progress on to university or work. We recommend you choose up to four courses from the subjects listed below...

A-Levels are traditional examination-based qualifications that can be used to gain entry to universities and higher education. A-Levels qualify for up to a maximum of 56 UCAS points per full A-Level course taken (a typical student takes three A-Level courses on a programme and so can achieve up to 168 points).

Diplomas courses
Diploma courses are equivalent to A-Levels and can also be used to gain entry to universities and higher education. Our Business, Sport and Health & Social Care diplomas are all equivalent to 3 A-Levels and qualify for up to 168 UCAS points (students take one diploma with one A-Level course on a programme, meaning they can achieve up to 224 UCAS points). Our science based diploma courses are equivalent to two A-Levels and carry up to 112 UCAS points (Students take this diploma subject with one A-Level and so can achieve up to 168 UCAS points)

Apply now

You can still apply even if you've not totally made up your mind on what you wish to study. Although you will have to indicate your choices, these can be altered (subject to demand) when you come to the Sixth Form for your preliminary meeting. If you need help, call us on 01234 291291 or email us.