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Staff super powers

Hogwarts? It’s been a magic five years

Living history through TV

Dr Kim Price, who teaches history, has contributed to some top-level research and popular TV programmes like Who Do You Think You Are?

Staff super powers The Bedford Sixth Form 2022

With a BA, Masters and PhD in history, Kim has won three scholarships as part of his studies and a Wellcome Trust fellowship. He has taught in Higher Education and worked on research projects at the University of Oxford, University of Liverpool, Oxford Brookes University, Northumbria University and the University of Leicester – researching issues in social justice and history, such as the fascinating which catalogues prisoners on from the 1800s, including those who were deported.

He has also presented on Radio 4 and published history books with Bloomsbury, Palgrave and Routledge and several academic articles, including three in the world’s leading medical journal, The Lancet. Before his career in education he served in the Royal Artillery with HM military services.

Staff super powers The Bedford Sixth Form 2022

Beijing to Bedford

Dr. Deepshikha received her Ph.D. degree from the Department of Chemistry, Amity University, India. Her Ph.D. research work (‘Synthesis and characterization of composites based on polyaniline-gold/graphene nanosheets’) was selected as the best published paper of 2012 by Springer KASCT, Saudi Arabia.

After completing her Ph.D., she joined Peking University, Beijing, China as a post-doctoral fellow. She got selected as Young International Scientist in the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. Her research papers are published in many journals including more than 15 research papers which are published in various international journals.  Her research interests are focused on Carbon Nanomaterials (graphene), material analysis, modification of surfaces, graphene functionalization, graphene-based optoelectronic devices & energy materials, Nanostructured conducting polymers, and Polymer nanocomposites-based Biosensors (Glucose, Hydrogen Peroxide, Cholesterol) for the diagnosis of human diseases. She has also got accreditation for “HEA Fellow UK”. Currently, she is the Lead teacher of Chemistry teaching Chemistry & Forensic Science.

She is also working on a Nano DNA Origami project in collaboration with the students.

Nikki Brealey

More than the theory of creativity

Real life experience in creative fields means teachers Nikki Brealey and Natalie Wells can add value to their classes at The Bedford Sixth Form.

Nikki, who has been an Associate Lecturer for five years, recently undertook a Master’s in Photography, completing with Distinction, which she undertook in her own time. She is now looking to exhibit more of her own work during the next year and is keen to encourage her second-year students to exhibit further afield as they complete their A level course.

She also has her own photography business ‘OliviaBea Photography’, which ensures she has first-hand experience of the challenges facing those trying to make a living today in photography. Many photographers will be self-employed and will face the challenges of marketing and promoting themselves which is key to their success.

“The balance between giving the client ‘what’ they want, being the person they want to work with and for the right price is a skill which takes time to learn,”

says Nikki.

Natalie is an exhibiting artist and is part of a local creative group of women who recently had a show at The Arc in Bedford in 2021. They will be exhibiting together again at private members club, 3 St Peters at the end of March 2022.

We encourage entrepreneurship among our students as the path ahead for them could be self-employment. Being in the field herself, means Natalie can support students with building up contacts, looking for opportunities and self-promotion alongside their creative skills.

We’re getting some great results here with students who go on to continue their studies here at some top universities. We can advise them on which career paths are best followed via university, or which require chasing local work experience and contacts.

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