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Russell Group Successes

Fine Art At The Bedford Sixth Form 2021

The best universities leading to the best life chances now await those who choose The Bedford Sixth Form, part of The Bedford College Group, for their 16+ study, according to the latest statistics.

Across the Group last year, our students went on to 16 of the 24 exclusive Russell Group universities, which includes Oxbridge colleges. Russell Group sets the UK gold standard, world-ranking universities which offer the most outstanding career and life opportunities.

Other universities or colleges who lead in their specialist fields, or professional degree-level courses were also the destination of those going on from A Levels, or other “Level 3” qualifications into Higher Education via The Bedford Sixth Form and The Bedford College Group.

We offer all the solutions within The Bedford Sixth Form for those who don’t want to stay in a school sixth form. Come to The Bedford  Sixth Form at 16 and take an academic route in an adult environment heading towards university at 18.

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