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Getting creative with the Women’s Institute

Getting creative with the Women’s Institute cropped

On 22 April 2017 A2 Art and Textile students had the opportunity to take part in a workshop with members of a local Women’s Institute (WI) Group.

Nicola Mansell and Kate Tunami, Art & Design teachers at The Bedford Sixth Form, are completing their Master’s degrees and take part in a group project called a ‘Service Design Brief’ which has to involve the community in some way.

Getting creative with the Women’s Institute cropped

Nicola and Kate chose to call their project ‘Creative Roots’ which represented their idea of promoting traditional creative techniques such as applique and patchwork in the classroom. The ethos behind their brief was to bring members of the older community to interact with students and show them skills that they can pass on to younger generations.

Suzanne Revell, Personal Tutor at The Bedford Sixth Form and member of the Wootton WI, arranged for two members of her group to come in for a two-hour workshop with the A2 students. The students focused on applique and patchwork using materials the ladies from the WI had brought in with them.

Kate Tunami, Textiles tutor, said:

“This was a really ‘feel-good’ experience for both the students and our visitors. It proved its worth with great attendance and the students really gained a lot from interacting with people in the community on a creative subject mutually enjoyed by the group. It is definitely something we will continue in the next academic year”.

Abigail Lence, an A2 Art student who is going on to the University of Leeds to study Fine Art in September, enthused:

“It was really enjoyable and not at all awkward. Despite the age difference the group all really clicked. I’d really like to try to improve these skills even more now.”

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