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Classics comes to The Bedford Sixth Form

Classical Civilisation A-Level at The Bedford Sixth Form 2021

From September 2017 students at The Bedford Sixth Form will have the opportunity to study ‘Classical Civilisation’ at A-Level. Classical Civilisation is the study of the languages, culture and history of ancient Greek and Roman civilisations.

Teacher Toni Shelley, who has previously worked with BSix College in London to launch the Classics Centre initiative in East London as part of the Oxbridge University Classics Outreach Programme, will be teaching Classics at The Bedford Sixth Form. The initiative aims to get Classics taught in areas of minority backgrounds where it may not be top of the subject list. The programme is made up of a variety of events which mainly fall into four main categories; Classics taster/study days, talks and workshops, open days, and Greek and Latin Literacy schemes.

Classical Civilisation A-Level at The Bedford Sixth Form 2021

At The Bedford Sixth Form students will study a range of topics within the Classical Civilisation curriculum with a focus on art, architecture, archaeology and literature. Students do not need to have previously studied Greek or Latin but if they have experience in these subjects they will find a use for them in Classical Civilisation.

Toni Shelley commented:

“Classics has something to offer everyone, whether that is learning languages, studying literature or simply an interest in the history of Greek and Roman civilisations.”

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