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The Toilets Aren't Your Smoking Area!

The Bedford Sixth Form Campus
By Esther-Alice McKenzie

Fire alarms shouldn’t be a consistent occurrence that take place in our school

Yet, our school has been affected by an absurd amount of fire alarms in just the first few weeks of term. After countless attempts to notify students where the designated smoking areas are and why they should be utilised, our school still experiences unnecessary drills that illicit a mixed reaction from both students and teachers.

Deputy Head, Paula, explained that students have been provided with guidance towards the disciplinary actions and precautions taken to minimise the fire alarms. Paula explicitly stated that if students were caught vaping in the building there would be a stage three disciplinary put in place.

Students haven’t been hesitant to express their annoyance towards the recent fire alarms stating “We are missing out on crucial learning” whilst another student exclaimed that this phantom vaper should “Grow up!” And “Get a Grip!” These intense emotions of distaste displayed towards our fire alarms showcases the huge inconvenience they have been causing for fellow classmates.

Some students who consistently hang out and use the smoking area, suggested a contrasting set of views; with one student commenting that they “love it” since it’s getting them out of lessons. However, they were sure to state that the situation was still “annoying.” A first year student, when asked about the rumours of people purposefully starting the fire alarms, added that people who ignore the rules when it comes to smoking “need to grow in maturity.”

When asked what they would like to say to students who decide to smoke in the bathrooms compared to the designated smoking area. The student suggested “they should clean the toilets” which the cleaners would probably appreciate, with another two students would say that “you’re not slaying.”

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