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English Language A-Level The Bedford Sixth Form
You can re-sit your Autumn examination at the Bedford College Group free of charge if you meet both of these criteria:
  • you will be studying at the Bedford College Group in 22/23


  • were within 10 marks of a grade 4 in your Summer 2022 GCSE English and Maths


  • If you gained your grade 3 at Bedford College in Summer 2022 and are within 10 marks, the Bedford College English and Maths Tutors will automatically enter you for the November 2022 examination.
  • If you gained a grade 3 at school in summer 2022 and are within 10 marks of a grade 4 you can opt-in to re-sit the exam at Bedford College in November 2022. Evidence of your marks will be required, you may need to obtain this from your school. Please complete the opt-in form here.  The deadline for completion is 23 September 11pm.  Late entries will not be accepted.

Please note that the Bedford College Group exams are booked with Edexcel Awarding Body (Bedford Sixth form only- AQA).  You may have sat the exam with a different Awarding Body at school. Whilst the content will be the same please be aware the style of questions may be different.

All other students who attend GCSE English and Maths classes at the Bedford College Group will be able to re-sit the GCSE English and Maths exams in Summer 2023.

  • If you wish to opt-in to enter the November 2022 GCSE English and Maths exams, will be attending Maths and/or  English classes in 22/23 but do not fit the criteria above, you can choose to pay for a November exam entry. The form to opt-in can be found here.
  • Both the form and the payment must be completed for an exam entry to be accepted.  The deadline for both payment and opt-in form to be completed is 23 September 11pm. Late Entries received after 23 September will not be accepted.
  • All students studying GCSE Maths and English at Bedford College in 22/23 academic year will have the opportunity to sit the examination in Summer 2023.


You can expect to receive confirmation of the entry to the November GCSE Exams by email and text by Thursday 20 October 2022.