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Surrounded by acres of stunning parkland and woodland at Shuttleworth College, we have a range of Lantra and City & Guilds National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) qualifications that will help you to develop the correct and safe skills for carrying out your work.

These short courses are designed to offer specific training in areas such as tree felling, horticulture and pesticide application.

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Meet our staff


Andrew S

My role: Technician

I provide: Assessments for commercial courses while also providing technical and teaching support across all of the Land & Environment courses, especially those that require the use of machinery. 

About me: As an employee of Bedford College, my role has evolved which now incorporates assessment of land-based commercial courses as well as continuing to provide technical and teaching support. Prior to working for Bedford College I was an estate forester on a 5,000 acre estate.  I felled trees, milled timber and carried out lots of tree inspections.  Prior to this I drove harvesters and forwarders in the forests of Finland.  ‚Äč



My role: Lecturer

I teach: Livestock (Agriculture) to full-time Advanced Level students and apprentices

About me: I have a degree in biology and grew up on a large beef farm and sheep unit. I strive to combine my practical experience with my scientific training. I was previously an agricultural consultant where I worked with farmers on sustainable farming approaches and environmental stewardship planning and implementation. 


My role: Lecturer and Assessor

I teach: Horticultural (including RHS), Agricultural and First Aid programmes to full-time students and part-time students

About me: I am a chartered horticulturalist with a degree in Business Studies and a Master’s degree in Historic Landscapes. Among the practical aspects I also teach design and business units. In addition I teach First Aid programmes for use in the workplace and assess all horticultural units.


My role: Lecturer

I teach: RHS Theory and Practical courses to full-time and part-time students

About me: I’ve worked in the horticultural sector for some forty years, both as a senior lecturer and in research.  I specialise in nursery stock production. I am a passionate advocate of new developments in horticulture and the leader of the Warden Pear Project (now Lottery Funded), looking at the origins of heritage pears through DNA testing.  


My role: Lecturer

I teach: Horticulture and Landscaping Apprenticeships

About me: I am interested in all aspects of aerial and ground based arboriculture and in my spare time I have been involved with a group of fellow climbers who look to find, climb and measure tall trees around the country. As well as teaching, I am also involved with the internal quality assurance of courses here at Shuttleworth. 

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